Pochettino to help the Chelsea trio with a personal training style

Pochettino to help the Chelsea trio with a personal training style

“Now is a fresh start, a fresh start, and I think they need to show their true quality. But we need to create this platform for them to feel comfortable and breathe space for them to perform and improve.”

Pochettino said former Benfica midfielder Fernandes, who was named young player of the year at last year’s World Cup after helping Argentina win the title, needed to rest after a grueling schedule.

“The Premier League is a really tough competition and it changes everything – the culture, the language, everything – and it’s always difficult to adapt,” he said.

Pochettino added that Modric’s “mentality and everything is different” to Fernandes’s, which is why he plans to spend more time with the 22-year-old Ukraine winger.

The 28-year-old Sterling is considered one of the most experienced players in the team, but he did not repeat the performances that made him an important part of Manchester City, with whom he won 10 major titles, after scoring only nine goals in 38 matches. for chelsea.

“It’s not always the player to blame. We need to see and see what’s going on and why they’re not performing the way we expect them to and then, of course, when everything is clear, we can’t give them excuses for not performing.”


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