“There is no evidence or content of a plot to overthrow Machatel.”

“There is no evidence or content of a plot to overthrow Machatel.”

vice president Paul MachattelHis tenure in office was marred by allegations that put him in a precarious position, but President Cyril Ramaphosa set the record straight on what was reported as a coordinated and strategic effort to remove Machattel.

On Sunday, the president spoke during a media question-and-answer session following the three-day ANC National Executive Committee meeting Note report in City Press In which Mshatel said that there was a conspiracy against him.

I spoke to the vice president and said, what is this? We will have further discussions. I immediately said I’m hiring you and I’m the only person who can cancel your appointment.

“There is no thought, no plan, no idea whatsoever that such a thing could be in the works. I should have had my head checked for the appointment and then removal of the vice president, unless the party so decided. There is no evidence or evidence,” the president said. The essence of it at all.”

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during the interview with City PressMshatel was very blaming about who he thought was behind the plot to remove him, but stated that he was. Try to further investigate this issue. He said he believes those working against him want him removed by August.

The president’s voluntary advisor, Bejani Shawky, appears to have been identified in leaked WhatsApp messages as the person plotting against Machattel. However, Chuck denied the allegations last week.

“It has come to my attention that there are fake WhatsApp chats that have been manipulated in connection with a plot to destabilize and destabilize the operations of the Vice President’s office via the media. One of the phone numbers linked to the fake chats is similar to mine. I have no idea why my number is connected to the deceptive plan to discredit the Vice President.

“I stay away from this fake contact and commit myself to report the matter to the relevant law enforcement agencies for an in-depth investigation,” Chuck said last week.

How it all began

It appears that Machatel’s troubles began earlier this year when Ramaphosa spent months contemplating a cabinet reshuffle expected after the ANC’s December 2022 national conference. Delays around the cabinet reshuffle sparked rumors that Machatel was banned from the Union Buildings due to Ramaphosa’s lockdown . allies.

When he was finally set, there were intimate details about Cum love liferegarding his relationship with Gugu Nkosi and his marriage to Humile Mjongile, the wife of his late business partner, began making headlines.

Then an article for News24 entitled “Secret luxury life ties and state takeover of the president-in-waitingTo expose Mashatel’s questionable lifestyle, which was allegedly aided by wealthy businessmen.

The article stated that Machatel had close relations with Edwin Soddy, former ANC Assistant General Secretary Ace Magashol in the multibillion rand case. Free asbestos scandaland resided at his home in Clifton, Cape Town. Ndavi Marida, president of the Makole Group, is also reported in the report to have allowed Machatel to use his home in Fresnay, Cape Town.

The vice president continued to make headlines last week after members of his SAPS VIP protection unit responsible for his security were caught on camera assaulting people.

Vip abuse by Paul Machatel highlights police protection as an expensive excuse for bullying and vanity

This sparked outrage on social media and caused an uproar among opposition political parties.

SAPS spokesman Brigadier General Atlinda Mathey said the officers involved He faces charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harmpointing a firearm and causing malicious damage to property. They have been notified of suspension notices. DM


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