What you need to know about your automatic tax assessment

What you need to know about your automatic tax assessment

First, you can use this connection To check if you have been selected for automatic evaluation. Joon Chong, partner at Webber Wentzel, says you should download third-party data certificates for automatic assessments verification to ensure that the information recorded in automatic assessments is correct.

The SARS website states that refunds are paid within 72 hours. However, taxpayers have until October 23 to decline the automatic assessment and file a completed tax return.

This means that refunds can be made to taxpayers before the taxpayer has had a chance to file a completed tax return. Taxpayers should check their auto appraisals as soon as possible after receiving the SMS and reject the auto appraisal if it is incomplete and submit a completed tax return,” it says.

The automatic assessment may be incorrect if you received net rental income, had other business income or needed to claim a Section 18A certification deduction. If there is an error in the data for the return of SARS, you can Ask the organization that provided the data to SARS to correct it by sending updated data to SARS and yourself.

If you agree to the automatic evaluation, you don’t need to do anything. If a refund is due to you, SARS will pay into your bank account within 72 hours. If you owe SARS money, you must pay back a month after Oct. 23 (30 days from Oct. 23).

If you are not selected for automatic evaluation, and your SARS evaluation shows that you owe SARS money, you have a 30-day period to pay after receiving the evaluation notice.

Supporting documents too large to upload?

The current upload limit for supporting documents is 5MB and 20 files max. Chong had the following advice for taxpayers whose supporting documents were too large to upload:

  • Print and scan at 300 x 300 dpi.
  • Use a PDF compressor.
  • Split the PDF into smaller files within 5MB, so that there are fewer pages in the document.
  • Reduce image quality.
  • Remove unnecessary pages.
  • Take screenshots of relevant pages and paste them into your Word document.
  • Convert to other file formats such as TXT or RTF. DM


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