Postponement of the ANC Women's League conference to alleviate registration challenges

Postponement of the ANC Women’s League conference to alleviate registration challenges

Party stalwart and team work contract Run away Mbete He said it was important to resolve disputes and appeals before the start of the conference to avoid delays in registration.

Mbeti, who also chairs the National Dispute Settlement and Appeal Commission, said it was unfortunate that her team was mired in disputes.

“You file your dispute in the area closest to you. You don’t say, ‘I know Marrobene in Johannesburg, so I go straight to it.'” “No, you don’t, the provinces have a dispute resolution structure that listens, and you have to understand what the issues are, what problems are referred to and what misunderstandings are going on.”

The meeting organizer said it was important to adhere to procedural integrity to ensure thorough work in addressing issues requiring focus.

“Sometimes this is a fake or fabricated dispute. We should be aware of that as well. We are now at the point where the Dispute Resolution Committee has sat for two weeks taking care of appeals from the provinces.”

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