Maintain healthy skin by changing up your routine with the seasons

Maintain healthy skin by changing up your routine with the seasons

Here are three skin care tips from Sabashni Naidoo, MD at Amani Spa Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront.

Remember your ABCs

The ABCs of Skincare are the basic skincare regimens we all need to incorporate into our day and nighttime routines. This includes making sure to wash your face with a good face or body wash every morning and every evening.

There are many high-quality, affordable products on the market to take care of your skin, but look out for ingredients like hyaluronic acid, a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes winter skin allergies and reduces redness caused by dry air. Niacinamide is another winter-friendly ingredient as it strengthens your complexionMoisture barrier, which helps it retain moisture and reduces the likelihood of it drying out. Next, apply a good moisturizer, using one that includes sunscreen for your daily routine. Sun protection is vital every day of the year, even during the winter months, to help prevent skin cancer, aging, and sunspots.


Even if you moisturize your skin every day, make sure of itRe-drink enough water to hydrate from the inside out. Even in winter, it is important to maintain a water intake of at least two liters per day. Warm drinks also count. But remember that caffeinated and sugary drinks can dehydrate our skin, so limit your intake to about two per day. Matcha and green tea can be lower-caffeine alternatives to Ceylon coffee or tea.

Choose warm, antioxidant-rich beverages such as rooibos, white tea, or rose tea. A range of sugar-free drinks are available at many retailers across South Africa, including soda water that contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Foods rich in hydration and nutrients such as bananas, spinach, lettuce, citrus fruits, and dishes such as soups and stews are great to include in your winter diet.

Ask the professionals

There are some treatments like tooth extraction that cannot be done at home. Some skin conditions aren’t just due to a change in season, so be sure to consult a skincare professional at least twice a year. While at-home treatments are both fun and beneficial, it’s always more pleasant to be taken care of by someone who knows just what to do to best nourish your skin.

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