Milestone feeds Meguro, who is not playing in the club, to continue playing

Milestone feeds Meguro, who is not playing in the club, to continue playing

Good luck, Raid Still positive he will be given a squad before the new season starts next month.

The striker saw his contract with AmaZulu not be renewed at the end of the season and he was training on his own to maintain his fitness.

He said the 36-year-old is not even thinking of hanging up his boots just yet because he wants to keep playing.

“It’s still a work in progress. We know that teams take time before they sign individuals; they have to visit their current squad to see what kind of players they have, and what positions they still have to fill,” Maguro told Sowetan.

“I hope I can be called by one of the teams to come over and help them achieve goals.”

Amazulu president Sandile Zongo opened the door for him to return to the club in any capacity and Maguro said his focus at the moment was playing football and he would not consider that until after his retirement.

“The contract is over, so like every player, when the contract ends, the team decides, but it has never been a fight between us and AmaZulu. In fact, I had a conversation with the president, where he mentioned that he would like me to be part of the technical team.”

“But it’s a conversation we still have to finish with the chairman, but for now, I’m still a footballer and I want to play and score 100 goals.”

Also with a chance of hitting 100 goals, the veteran striker, who has 91 goals, added that he was aiming for that too, and that’s what motivated him to keep playing.

“Definitely, that’s my goal as a footballer. Other than winning trophies, you also have a milestone you want to run to and how great it would be for me to reach 100 and that, personally, is what I’m looking for now.

“I really want to hit 100 goals [or] More than that, especially being left with nine goals, so that’s the thing that gets me going more than anything else.

“Scoring goals is very difficult, but I believe as an individual, when you stick to the goals you give yourself, you can achieve it.”

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