read message | Mantashe must be careful not to fly too close to the sun

read message | Mantashe must be careful not to fly too close to the sun

There was a time when Cyril Ramaphosa was as decisive as chasing down a pride of lions. Remember that in April 1996 when he was President of the Constitutional Assembly, he banged the gavel and ordered everyone to “settle down please” and everyone who had gathered on the green leather benches immediately sharpened his attention.

These members of the assembly were deputies on the verge of approving the constitution. He was 45 and no fools at that point. Then Guidi Mantasche could not dare challenge him.

Fast-forward to June 2023 — 27 years later — the now 72-year-old Ramaphosa is the undisputed leader of the ANC and President of the Republic; But Tiger Guede, who helped Ramaphosa become president of the ANC and thus leader of the republic, can now challenge Ramaphosa by refusing to attend the launch of the European-funded green energy initiative.

Al-Nimr was not interested in the presence of the prime ministers of Denmark and the Netherlands. As Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Mantashi, a proponent of coal mining, had no time for green energy issues.

Mantach must have concluded that Ramaphosa was too weak to discipline him. After all, Princess Lindy Sisulu defied him for a while until the now-established hardliner busted her out during a reshuffle. The Bulldogs have challenged Nkozasana Dlamini-Zuma without suffering any consequences.

Moreover, Mantach could also have concluded that the Vala Vala saga plus Lady R’s spin-off and Ramaphosa’s Russia-Ukraine peace initiative will keep Ramaphosa focused on the US, UK, EU, and next month’s BRICS summit.

Thus Mantach Vukol fears Ramaphosa. But the tiger may have been greatly mistaken because Mr. Fear Fokol is now the Rottweiler, ANC General Secretary Fkele Mbalula. The tiger may bite seriously to paralyze it.

Mantashi must watch himself now. He should not depend too much on Phala Phala. After all, he still has serious issues with Bosasa’s alleged corruption scandals. Ramaphosa has it has Brilliant shooting skills. Watch your back from now on.

Professor Themba Sonu, Pretoria

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