read message | Wars undermine respect for human life

read message | Wars undermine respect for human life

The deadly attack on Jenin, the critical situation in Zaporozhye, and the US sale of cluster bombs to Ukraine are developments spiraling out of control. The killing of innocent civilians in all conflict zones of the world continues unabated with brutal rage that violates every aspect of international law and the laws of combat.

Innocent men, women and children are being evacuated, tortured, beaten and punished in a vicious campaign of land control and geographic conquest, while the United Nations remains powerless.

For the past 150 years, the world has gone through one war after another, never stopping. Perpetual wars became the cornerstone of American foreign policy actively supported by gunboat diplomacy. Americans should be reminded of the profound words of James Madison, who said: “No nation can maintain its liberty in the midst of constant war.”

In today’s brutal wars, civilian deaths outnumber combatants. The world is suffering from horrific acts of violence by governments in the name of counter-terrorism missions. Whatever the nature of this heinous violence, the end result is the destruction of humanity, with innocent civilians bearing the price.

Our global history is littered with wars of aggression waged by powers and their political allies in a vicious pattern of regime change and overt territorial expansion, which violates every aspect of the United Nations Charter.

Selective morality and selective condemnation have become hallmarks of international diplomacy as the planners of global permanent conflicts continue their suicidal and insane policies of world domination. The time is fast approaching when the spiraling web of war will engulf us forever and bloody barbarism will be the norm.

As powerful events spiral out of control, the Nuclear Scorpions will be forced to release their atomic venom, the power of which will wipe us all out.

Farouk Arai, Actonville, Benoni

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