Trump is seeking to delay setting a trial date in the documents case

Trump is seeking to delay setting a trial date in the documents case

Trump’s lawyers filed A Answer On Monday evening opposing Special Counsel Jack Smith’s proposal to start On December 11thHe described the government’s proposal as “unrealistic”. Both sides agree on one thing: the trial date is August 14, in the beginning By US District Judge Eileen Cannon, Too early.

Attorneys for Trump, personal assistant and defendant Waltin “Walt” Nauta asked Cannon to delay setting a trial date until all pretrial cases had been fully litigated. They argued there was no reason to rush the timeline given the complex and “unprecedented” legal cases he presented, the large amount of evidence, the involvement of classified materials, the logistics of Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign, and the challenge of appointing an impartial jury. before the election.

“There is simply no doubt that any trial for this measure while awaiting a presidential election will affect the outcome of that election and, more importantly, the defendants’ ability to obtain a fair trial,” the lawyers wrote.

Prosecutors first requested a delay to the schedule last month. Smith’s team said it could take up to 60 days for Trump’s lawyers to receive the final security clearances needed to view all of the evidence. They said other legal procedures to determine how classified evidence might affect a public trial would add more time to the pretrial schedule.

On Monday, Nauta separately Cannon asked A hearing scheduled for July 14 to discuss issues related to the use of classified information in the case has been postponed. Stanley Woodward, Nauta’s Washington attorney, said he had a scheduling conflict and also needed more time to get security clearance.

Ministry of Justice Delay viewer, arguing that Nota’s other attorney, Sasha Dadan, based in Florida, could handle the hearing and that Woodward knew the government wanted the hearing to take place quickly. Trump’s defense team did not oppose rescheduling the hearing, according to Nauta’s memo.

Later in the day, Naota’s lawyers alerted the court that the government had agreed to reschedule the hearing for July 18 if the court agreed to the short adjournment.

Trump is also expected to challenge the legality of the indictment on multiple grounds, fights that could add months to the timeline.

Trump has pleaded not guilty to charges that he illegally withheld national defense information after he left the White House and then conspired to obstruct the government’s efforts to recover those documents. Naota also pleaded not guilty.

Cannon has tried to keep the case on track so far, ordering attorneys to move quickly to complete any paperwork required for the security clearance process.

Any trial beyond Cannon’s original Aug. 14 schedule would complicate the logistics of Trump’s 2024 presidential plan. The first GOP primary debate is set for Aug. 23, though it’s unclear if Trump will participate. His campaign activity is only expected to ramp up as the former president and his opponents prepare for the Republican nomination for the January primaries.

Trump’s legal team in Florida trial You also have to deal with it March 2024 trial date in a separate state trial in New York, other pending state and federal criminal investigations, and a slew of civil legal actions facing their client. DM


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