Forensic experts aren't sure if the Station Strangler will reverse

Forensic experts aren’t sure if the Station Strangler will reverse

She added that while penitentiaries in South Australia do have rehabilitation programmes, so far the evidence points to ineffective programs with many prisoners returning to prison because they re-offend once they are released.

“My thinking is that rehabilitation programs need to be tailored to the needs of the individual offender. If this is implemented, the prospect of success is better than the status quo.

“There needs to be better monitoring and independent evaluation of rehabilitation programs for improvement purposes. DCS may be advisable.” [department of correctional services] To focus on one important aspect at a time related to inmate rehabilitation.”

There are a lot of parolees who commit crimes once they get out of prison, said Professor Christian Bezuidenhout, a criminologist at the University of Pretoria.

“The only thing we can’t predict about human behavior is whether they’ll act the same way again. Strangler has been there for so long, he’ll probably say to himself, ‘I don’t want to go to this place again and try to control himself.'”

He said SA’s rehab program was very general in its approach.

He said that for people who display repetitive behavior such as serial rapists, serial killers, and psychopaths, rehabilitation will not be effective if it is not severe and in keeping with this or that condition.

He said that if the conditioned was someone with a personality problem such as a psychopath or antisocial personality disorder, it was unlikely that he would have changed completely.

“You can’t predict that. When they see the trigger, they relapse. The question society is asking now is, do they [Simons] relapse? we do not know. It is likely to be recorded in the sex register; He was a teacher before, so will they let him near the children?

“Suppose it is [Simons] He ends up in a situation with the young boys and he’s alone with them, he has to remove himself from there because he knows that’s the trigger now. This is how you organize yourself and say “I’m in the wrong place. It’s going to happen. I have to leave or I’m going back to jail.” Bezuidenhout.

“He’s been in jail for so long, I don’t think he’ll want to go back. The prison hierarchy – if you’re a child molester or you hurt children, you’re in prison less than a gangster. You’ve also been assaulted, there’s a lot going on with you.” .

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