The inhabitants of Dunoon are drowning in the filth and disease of illegal throwing

The inhabitants of Dunoon are drowning in the filth and disease of illegal throwing

Plans have been put in place by the City of Cape Town to develop a food garden in a park in the Dunoon area but at the moment the park is little more than a nest for rubbish, insects and disease for the residents concerned. The park isn’t the only concern. Sewage lines the streets and residents suffer from health problems as a result of the stench and waste that continues to accumulate.

“I’ve been living here in Dunoon for over 10 years now and I had to put up with the horrible, irritating stench of this illegal dumping which caused me health complications, particularly shortness of breath, unbearable headaches and persistent coughing,” said Washington. Shumba, a hair salon business owner who lives on Mzundi Street. The street, like many streets in Dunoon, is home to many landfills.

Dunoon is a town in the northern reaches of Cape Town, located near Killarney Motorsport complicated and the upscale Century City shopping mall. Daily Maverick Recently visited which has become a haven for illegal dumping and dangerous pollution. The townspeople previously dealt with sewage leaks. As I mentioned AzAnd like many other towns, this is due to poor sanitation conditions and infrastructure.

Mice invade my house.

“My biggest concern has always been rats raiding my house and business park. I can’t extend or do anything because rats now emerging from the rubbish dunes are my daily experience of life,” Chumba said during an interview at his home in Dunoon.

“We usually hear the sound of boxes when it’s snowing [other residents] Come to the disposal, we need quick help,” added Shumba.

“The dumping of sewage was the fault of our neighbors from Upper Street, particularly Thandapantu Street,” said Chumba.

He added that the community tried to come together to fight the dumping, including the burning of garbage. “But it doesn’t help at all. It really sucks, especially when the filth is burned. You can’t paint or move things around your house because of the bombardment of smell from the piles of trash.” Daily Maverick.

Resident Nomfika Nuzumbil also complained of respiratory complications, especially for her children, caused by the foul smell of sewage. “The stench is bad. My two children have rashes, asthma, and persistent coughing problems.”

“This has generated a lot of resentment among the community because we know it was done by people we know from the nearby streets. We would be glad if the city intervened by locking this place up and keeping the keys, we are in dire need of help we are suffering,” she said.

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After talking with dry, Daily Maverick male A sewage pipe leaked in the middle of the street where municipality workers were working.

Denon, illegal dumping

Litter littering the streets and sidewalks is a constant feature of Dunoon. (Photo: Zianda Dhaba)

Procurement plans are in place to rehabilitate the primary school garden

said Missy Mbokan, Ward 104 advisor Daily MaverickThe city used its resources earlier this year to help revitalize the park frontage opposite Sophakama Elementary School on Mzondi Street.

when Daily Maverick I asked Mbokan, if she had any educational measures or campaigns ready to inspire the whole community to start being part of the solution in preventing illegal dumping, she said: “Fortunately, there are actions and procurement plans scheduled for this month to rehabilitate the primary school garden and playground Football in the neighborhood.

She commended the City of Cape Town for providing neighborhood bins, and said she and community leadership structures have spoken to residents in an effort to stop illegal dumping in the school garden and a second neighborhood park on Thandabanto Street.

We have spoken to residents through the Community Leadership Structure and urged local residents to stop illegal littering in parks. You won’t notice this trash during the day but at night as it gets dumped in the neighborhood. The city provided two large boxes per family, and in cases where there are tenants, the city advised community members to request a few more boxes to accommodate everyone living in the yard, but additional boxes required are paid for.” Daily Maverick.

Missy Mbokan, Elfoy Nkohla, Denon

ANC Councilor Missy Mbokan, left, and Vice Chancellor Sanko Elphloy Nkohla stand surrounded by rubbish in Dunoon, Cape Town. (Photo: Zianda Dhaba)

The city’s response to mitigate dumping

Specific inquiries to the City of Cape Town about health concerns raised by residents and business owners were not answered. However, the city said it was aware of the ongoing flooding and vandalism in and around the park.

The department cleans up the park once a week, with the help of the city’s solid waste and road departments. However, due to constant dumping after hours, the park remains in tatters.” He said Council member Patricia van der Roos Member of the Municipal Presidency Committee for Community Service and Health.

“The remaining structures of the completely vandalized play equipment have been removed by the department because they posed a danger to young children.en. The department is currently procuring materials for the fence, and plans are in place for its construction in July 2023,” the city continued. “The local council, a local NGO, and the community will then coordinate the use of the park as a food garden.” DM


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