Libourne Rikutsu | Leaders of the ANC's new youth league must fight corruption

Libourne Rikutsu | Leaders of the ANC’s new youth league must fight corruption

The new leadership of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) appears to have a clear vision and strategy. It is a good thing that 50% of the ANC members are young. However, the Youth League deputies must be young people who will add value, not numbers.

The Youth League must also be careful not to be recruited into corruption because corruption is rampant in the ANC. The Young Lions must not allow themselves to be used by the old guard to support corruption in the party. I am delighted that ANCYL is inspired by the Asian Tigers and high-growth economies of Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. However, it may be a pipe dream to develop the country’s economy if the new leadership of ANCYL continues to support corruption in the name of a radical black economic transformation that only a few individuals associated with the ANC will benefit from.

In Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore, corruption is not tolerated. Corruption in those countries is a curse. Officials (politicians) and public servants involved in corruption, whether they belong to the ruling party or not, are punished with severe penalties.

In our country when ANC crooks and their accomplices are caught red-handed, comrades and supporters blame colonialism and apartheid as a pretext for stealing public money. As long as the ANC protects its corrupt comrades and partners, our country will not be like Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea.

South Korea and in 1957 when Ghana gained its independence in the same year, it was seen as being on the same level of development with South Korea in 1957, but the Asian country Korea is much ahead of Ghana today. So in our country, the ANC comrades, supporters and associates support corrupt deployments. It is true that millions of Hong Kongers, Singaporeans, Taiwanese and South Koreans were as poor as black South Africans, however, their governments did not tolerate any form of corruption and today they are a model for all.

Let’s hope that young lions will ensure that their mates and partners do not pillage clothing to enrich themselves. Let us hope that the young lions will not allow their comrades to exploit them in their project of plundering the country’s resources.

Envy of the economies of the Asian tigers will not help if the ANC comrades and their associates see corruption as the only way to get rich. Comrades in the ANC envy countries like Cuba and China for dealing with corruption head-on regardless of the status of the individuals involved.

We complain a lot about colonialism and apartheid. Even if the colonizer (Britain) could pay £25 trillion annually for 300 years, the trillions would find their way into the pockets of corrupt politicians and their accomplices.

It is true that colonialism and apartheid have caused enormous harm to millions of black people and that it will take many years to eliminate the inequality gap created by colonialism and apartheid. However, the corruption practiced by politicians and their associates hinders development while the perpetrators continue to blame colonialism and apartheid for their failures.

Finance Minister Enoch Godungwana and Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs blamed municipal officials for not fighting corruption. How can municipalities provide services to people in light of the spread of corruption?

There are claims that some advisors cannot read or write. What do you expect from them? It’s a “if some board member can’t read or write” garbage situation, take out the garbage!

ANCYL has a huge task ahead of it. If the Youth League joins the gravy train, improving the lives of the impoverished black masses will remain a pipe dream. They must fight corruption vigorously without fear or favour. The Youth League should refrain from participating in corruption.

• Peace is a reciter of the Sweetan language

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