Concourt justifies Ramaphosa for Mkhoebani's comment

Concourt justifies Ramaphosa for Mkhoebani’s comment

Maya said the suspension allowed Mkhwebani to focus on her impeachment defense in Parliament and preserved the integrity of her office.

In reaching that conclusion, she said, she considered the independent panel that considered whether there was an impeachment case to respond to Mkhwebani.

The panel, chaired by former Constitutional Court judge Peace Nkapinde, found prima facie evidence of incompetence and misconduct on the part of Mkhwebani.

Maya also considered “the many judicial assertions in which the public defender’s ability to hold office has been examined…

“This same court has brought very adverse findings of credibility against her,” she said.

Under the circumstances, Maya said, it would have caused serious public concern if Mkhoebani had remained in her position while she was being investigated.

On the question of whether the comment amounted to a conflict of interest – as it was investigating Vala Vala scandal Other ongoing Ramaphosa-Maia investigations She said that the mere fact that the public defender was investigating the President could not put him at risk of a conflict of interest.

This is because the power to suspend general protection is not a power to be exercised without guarantees. It is a severely restricted force.

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