The CRL report will be released to KwaSizabantu

The CRL report will be released to KwaSizabantu

On Thursday, the Commission for Religious and Linguistic Rights will present its report on its investigation into allegations of sexual abuse and neglect at the controversial centre. Kwazizabantu Christian Mission near Kranskoop in North KwaZulu-Natal.

KwaSizabantu has a multi-million rand farm and a bottled water factory. It became the focus of a fraud and money laundering investigation two years ago.

In the commission’s public hearings, the mission’s former preacher, Peter Baker, cried when he spoke of the condemnation and punishment inflicted on children and the racial disparity when it came to the hair policy, in which black girls have to shave their hair. heads.

“Sometimes I prayed to God and cried at night for the former pupils and children of my co-workers who grew up in KwaSizabantu. Some of them wanted nothing to do with God, and it broke my heart, and I cried out to God,” Baker said.

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