The "high-profile offender" Nandiva Magudumana remained in the prison hospital

The “high-profile offender” Nandiva Magudumana remained in the prison hospital

Dr. Nandiva Magudumana, who is being held in the hospital ward of the Kronstadt Correctional Center in the Free State, is not receiving any special treatment but is being kept in that section due to ongoing investigations.

The revelation was made by National Commissioner for Corrective Services Makguthi Thuppakale during his visit to the Kgosi Mapuru Correctional Center on Thursday, where Thabo Bester is being held.

He said he had earlier visited the Correctional Center in Kronstadt and confirmed that Magudumana was following the same programs as all the other offenders.

“She eats the same food. I’ve spoken to her because that’s what we do when we visit correctional facilities. We check if offenders or remand [prisoners] We have complaints and we are checking if their complaints have been dealt with.”

He said that she was kept in the prison hospital section due to ongoing investigations, that she was a high-profile criminal who needed to be watched at all times, and that it was a very secure section where He has no access to or interaction with other criminals.

Dealing with officials is limited to those working in this department. We ensure that she is watched at all times and I want to reiterate, as I indicated with Mr Bester, they must also ensure that she does not harm herself,” he said.

He added that the oath was not an isolated and secluded oath where she was alone, but she was with other offenders.

“The hospital section of the facility is still a cell. The only difference is that there are fewer beds. So, it is with other criminals.

He said the reformatory was also ensuring that it did not come into contact with contraband or any item that would jeopardize the case. He told the media that the Facebook rapist and murderer Bester was kept in his cell, which works electronically through the integrated security system.

“You’re also in a department where there are two highly trained correctional officers here 24/7. We obviously change shifts. It’s just to make sure this offender is insured and doesn’t hurt themselves.”

He added that the place where Bester was being held was also useful for the South African police service to enter and continue its investigations, or for his consultations with lawyers.

Basically, we’re explaining that it just lives where it belongs and doesn’t cause any problems [he did] before.”

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