Joburg Hospitals Dealing With Water Cuts: Dept

Joburg Hospitals Dealing With Water Cuts: Dept

Asked about the amount of water needed to run the hospital effectively, Modiba said that no two hospitals are the same size.

Some hospitals have indoor lockers, others only have lockers. Some also have wells while others do not. Calafong Hospital has two water tanks with a capacity of 748,000 and 480,000 liters respectively.

Pholosong Hospital has two inner tanks of 60,000 and 100,000 liters respectively, which are always at 100% capacity via an automatic refill system. Then the water from the tanks is distributed to different areas within the hospital.

“Both Helen Joseph and Rahima Musa, mother and child, have cisterns and wells at the site,” Modiba said.

He said that reservoirs and reservoirs are able to isolate the facilities for a short period when there is an interruption in the supply, but when the situation becomes prolonged, they are never sufficient to meet the water requirements of the facilities.

“Water tankers are used to continually refill indoor tanks and tanks in situations where you have a long supply interruption.”


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