Investigation confirms rape and assault on the church

Investigation confirms rape and assault on the church

An investigation into the controversial KwaZulu-Natal church has found it has stopped practicing virginity searches on its members.

The findings by the CRL Rights Commission come after the Kwasizabantu Mission was accused of conducting forced virginity searches. Allegations of rape and assault were also received.

However, the report found that virginity inspections at the religious institution – near Kranskoop – were canceled after complaints in the media three years ago.

The report released Thursday also found, among other things, that a rape occurred in the church, and the institution was not a cult and had not in recent history beaten its members as a form of punishment.

However, the commission said it was not illegal for the church to perform virginity searches.

“The Commission promotes and protects virginity inspections as a cultural practice, however, they should be exercised in a manner that does not conflict with other rights in the Bill of Rights…

“…it was found… that rape did indeed occur at the Mission as confirmed by the Mission and SAPS in the province of KwaZulu-Natal [and that] The perpetrator is serving his sentence in prison,” read the report.

The CRL launched the investigation in October 2020 following reports of alleged violations of the religious rights of Kwizizabanto’s followers, past and present.

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