read message | NHI is calling for more problems than we already have

read message | NHI is calling for more problems than we already have

It saddens me to point out how naive the poor and downtrodden are in our society. After so many years of empty, unfulfilled promises that left them poorer than they had ever been in their lives before, they are still hopeful that maybe this time something good might still come out of the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI).

I can assure you that there will be no health services after only a few months of NHI implementation in this country, just like what happened in Zimbabwe after the late ex-president Robert Mugabe introduced health for all in that country in 1992, that is why SA provides care services health of Zimbabweans for years.

This is despite all the horror stories that have dominated our newspapers about the state of our healthcare services. Only about a week ago, we learned how patients were starved for the first six months of this year in 26 general hospitals in Gauteng out of a total of 34.

Before we recover from that shock, this week we learned that 706 nurses in Limpopo had their contracts terminated due to lack of funding. It is not fair for the government to take advantage of the ignorance and despondency of the poor who hope forever for free services from the government, though by now they should have learned by experience that most of the things promised to them, have been shown to be nothing but empty promises, and the truth is That their lives became more difficult and the suffering unbearable.

The health services that continued to be supported by the government for everyone in public hospitals 100 years ago, were the best until the current government took over and changed everything, resulting in all the hardships our health system is facing today.

If we are to be honest, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t knowI don’t know. it became scarceDon’t gamble with our nation’s life. Overcrowding in all our health facilities is draining our scarce resources thanks to this governmentopen border system. What we see today will be a Sunday outing once NHI is implemented; The whole of Africa will be here to choose from for free.

it became scarceI can’t ask for more trouble than we already have.

Cometh Dube Makholwa, Midrand

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