Zandile Maffei admits he set Parliament on fire in a judicial rant

Zandile Maffei admits he set Parliament on fire in a judicial rant

Before the proceedings began, Maffei exclaimed: “I burn her on purpose… I will burn her some more if she doesn’t move to Bloemfontein or Pretoria…”

He added, “Give me a life sentence of 25 years… I will be the next president in 2048.” Also, “Overseas service provision protests are about my release.”

Throughout the theatrical performances, which lasted at least 10 minutes, judge Nathan Erasmus kept his calm and did not interrupt Maffei.

Mavi, who was also out of control, shouted: “Whites are murderers. We live in shanties. Farmers, they have taken 97% of our land, so we must take the land without compensation, we must take the land to the blacks. I am a conscious black movement.”

Zandelle Maeve confesses

Zandelle Maffei gestures during his speech at the Western Cape High Court on July 13, 2023 (Photo: Gallo Images/Brenton Geach)

“I want this Parliament to move on from the right-wing white supremacist DA. There should be no DA in Parliament; they are murderers, murderers and Helen Zille is just girlRight-wing racist DA. “

The case was adjourned for 20 minutes to allow Mafe’s legal representatives – advocates Mkiwe Nyathi and Luvuyo Golda – to calm their client down. Chief Advocate Dali Mpofu was not available and followed the proceedings virtually.

psychological report

The court is set to hear whether the defense team consulted with their client and a private psychiatrist about whether to accept or disagree with the findings of two psychiatrists and a clinical psychologist after assessing Maffei at Fort England Hospital in the Eastern Cape.

On March 28, 2023, he released The court ordered Mafi to be sent to the hospital to determine whether he is able to understand the seriousness of the charges against him and the alleged offense and to defend himself in court.

Maffei has been in prison since his arrest in January 2022 after a fire destroyed parts of Parliament. He is accused of Setting fire to the National Assembly building In the early hours of January 2, 2022. He faces charges of terrorism, arson, home invasion, theft and possession of explosives.

When the proceedings eventually began, Justice Erasmus said: “I did not deliberately interrupt Mr. Maffei. I am aware of his state of health and did not wish to aggravate it.”

More drama as Erasmus ensued unblock The media should be able to report the findings of psychiatrists and psychologists, which include:

  1. The accused is unable to follow court proceedings to present an adequate defense and/or;
  2. At the time the offense was committed, the accused was unable to assess the wrongfulness of the act in question and act in accordance with the judgment of the wrongfulness of his act.

Mavi’s defense team said they were not ready to move on. Mpofu requested a delay so that the forensic psychiatrist could meet with Mafe on Zoom. Only then will they be able to decide whether they agree with the diagnosis of the report or intend to contest it.

Attorney General Mervyn Minigo has confirmed that the state has been prepared to move forward since August 2022 when pretrial proceedings began.

Zandelle Maffei at the Western Cape High Court on July 13, 2023 (Photo: Gallo Images/Brenton Geach)

He told the court, “In court, we got a taste of Mr. Maffei’s conditions. I am a little worried if the diagnosis is indeed correct as shown in the report. Taking off my lawyer hat and putting on my humane hat, we are dealing with an inhumane person.”

Justice Erasmus said: This will be the final reprieve. If nothing is received from the parties, I am satisfied that I will deal with the matter in connection with the report.”

The defense and state were ordered to submit their own reports by August 8.

The court also ordered Maffei to be held in the hospital section of Pollsmoor Prison, or another correctional facility if no place was available.

The judge reiterated, “I do not want Mr. Maffei to be held with the general population.”

The case has been adjourned to August 10 when the proceedings will be heard virtually. The court will also require the Department of Corrections to prepare the necessary electronic equipment so that if any of the psychiatrists on the stand wish to consult with the accused, they can do so. DM


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