Actor Makifee is working on his directing and film production skills

Actor Makifee is working on his directing and film production skills

Television and film actor Afioye Makifi aims to direct and produce his own films.

Born and raised in Kwa-Langa, Cape Town, Mkefe made his impressive debut in the industry with the drama series Mzansi Magic. It’s freedom in 2019. Young as he was, Makifee was cast in the deep end to portray the lead role of Nkoluleko Zwai. The young boy carried the story along and brought Nkololikou to life.

Hence, he has worked in other film productions while learning more behind the scenes skills. 29 years old is not satisfied with being just an actor. He wants to explore film production and directing. In his few years in the industry, Mkefe has been involved in producing films, some of which will debut on various platforms before the year is out.

“The bigger vision is to be a global star. I’ve realized that domestic television tends to be restrictive, especially if you want to play in the international arena. Now that I know how the industry works, I want to focus on films and theater productions that will push our boundaries.

“The few films I’ve done that include It was sunset Directed by Phumi Morare, it won an international award. This experience opened my mind about the international world. Second, I’ve always wanted to make movies. I’m learning more about them and I’m providing funding for films.

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