Avbob explains that at McKaiser's funeral, he will "treat" dropping the casket

Avbob explains that at McKaiser’s funeral, he will “treat” dropping the casket

While it may be construed that the reason behind this is purely marketing, that is not the intent. For practical reasons, it is common practice to mark tents and vehicles used during a funeral. Banners or flags are often erected at the cemetery for this purpose.”

In terms of branded water and tissues at the funeral, Bester said that was routine. These items have been removed at the family’s request.

The family was also unhappy with how McKaiser’s coffin was handled because it did not fit on the scaffolding, and once lowered, it fell to the ground.

“We have acknowledged the problem with the lowering device and the required changing of the coffin during the ceremony. This is not what we expect from our service and we will deal with this internally,” Bester said.

He also responded to complaints that Avbob branded the headstone with its logo, saying this was in case the headstone was damaged in the future.

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