Dineo Baloyi is a gift to the world and to those who seek education

Dineo Baloyi is a gift to the world and to those who seek education

They say if you want to get things done, ask a busy person.

Once she landed her first job at the age of 21, Dineo Baloyi began helping others, assisting educated people in her neighborhood with admissions and grant applications. In 2016, she started her own foundation so that she could help provide better educational opportunities to more people in her hometown of Hamanskral.

Seven years later, Dineo is now working full time for an infrastructure development company in Sandton, while also studying and raising a young child. She still runs the Dineo Foundation, which continues to support learners, providing them with a way to make a positive difference to the lives of many others.

“I am a giver; my name means ‘gifts.’ So I just wanted to be that gift to the world.

Although Dineo grew up in a family that was always struggling to make ends meet; What they had, they gave in abundance, that is, their unwavering support and love. Although they did not always have money for food, books, or school uniforms, her father went to school every two weeks to monitor her progress. When she studies to continue her education, he would sit with her while she works late into the night.

It’s no exaggeration to see where Dineo’s motivation comes from; She is clearly inspired by the strength and struggles of her upbringing.

The Foundation runs a few different programmes, one of which is Monitoring and Supporting Learners at Rapelego Primary School and Sibongile Community Centre. They are assessed on a quarterly basis and supported by the institution in any way that helps them thrive in the school. Be it by providing them with school shoes, reading glasses, uniforms, food or extra lessons.

“I would like to see the foundation provide a support structure and reach out to the disadvantaged, because I believe that everyone succeeds through support,” says Dineo.

She is currently working on the Light For Life project, where she is raising money to provide Matric University students with rechargeable lights so they can study while load shedding. Each lamp costs R300. If you’d like to donate or sponsor a light, email us and we’ll connect you to Dineo. DM

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