Mothebi and Digana are in Venda to stimulate rural talent

Mothebi and Digana are in Venda to stimulate rural talent

Marathon buddies double marathon champion Titi Dijana and former winner Edward Muthebe Venda Plaza are set to light up Thohoyando during the Fortress Running Series on Sunday.

Mothebi said he will run the 10km as a way to encourage athletes from rural communities who take part in running to commit to the sport, while Dijana will run the half marathon.

The running series is organized by ISMO Athletics Club and will return to the calendar this year with Venda added to the mix.

Since its inception in 2018, the series has been dedicated to bringing the excitement of current events to rural communities, and providing a platform for locals to get involved and showcase their sporting talents.

“I“I am not going there for the sake of competition but to encourage the community,” Muthibi told Sowetan.

“We are going there to cheer for them and I think they know there are athletes like Edward and Tate Dijana, so they have to see us. Yes I amI’m going to run 10ks with them and enjoy racing with them.

“So I amm will not compete. There is no way I can compete so quickly after my buddies, especially after a month. I was resting and Im starting this week to jog, but not much.

“Some people come from rural areas, myself included, so I know the disadvantages that young people face.

“We have to explain to them stick to running and someday in the future you can excel.”

Sunday runners can participate in the half marathon (21.1km) and 10km as well as the 5km fun run.

After finishing third in the Comrades Marathon this year, Mothebi said his focus now is to run the Cape Town Marathon on October 15.

“The plan is to run two or three major races a year, along with two shorter distance events,” he said.

“My next focus will be on the Cape Town Marathon, which will mark the culmination of the year. As a nation, we are making great strides in the field of shorter distances, including the 10km, 21.1km, cross country, and track and field disciplines,”

Meanwhile, Red Bull Quicksand returns to Durban, North Beach tomorrow. This exciting competition will reveal the most difficult track to date, and will provide an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators.

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