Psychiatrists say that no one can simply 'get out' of depression

Psychiatrists say that no one can simply ‘get out’ of depression

Nobody can get out of it depressionThe South African Association of Psychiatrists (SASOP) said on Friday.

Sassoup member d Jago Matsibula He said there is a misconception that depression is a condition that can be easily overcome just by “getting out of it”.

“No one chooses to become depressed. Depression is not a sign of weakness, the result of fidgeting in grief or sadness, or a lack of positive thinking or self-compassion. It is a medical condition that negatively affects brain function due to biological or environmental factors.

“Different elements contribute to episodes of depression including genetics, anxiety, early adversity, traumatic experiences, abuse, socioeconomic status, loss, bereavement and stress,” he said.

Society is trying to end myths about depression and treatment, especially the use of antidepressants during Mental Illness Awareness Month, which is being observed in South Africa.

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