read message | The mayor of the new Mughal city promises change

read message | The mayor of the new Mughal city promises change

Last Friday, the new mayor of Mughal City Councilor Danny Thawban gave his first State of the City (SOCA) address. Thupane made his opening remarks in Setswana.

The Executive Mayor of Mughal City read out the unemployment statistics to the attentive public. He revealed that the unemployment rate in the city reached 47%, which is an unprecedentedly high rate. He said that while the unemployment rate was high, malls in Mughal City were being built and expanded.

However, the city’s business boom does not seem to affect unemployment. To fight unemployment, Mughal City is involved in partnerships with other government departments. The city will partner with the Gauteng government on the Green Army project, which will open up job opportunities.

The executive mayor has raised concerns about the manual indigent system the city uses, which sometimes has duplicate applications. The council’s plan is to introduce an electronic system.

He also revealed that the residents were deeply concerned about the Kageso tomb problem. Many sections in the tomb are covered with water. The recent and recent winter rains made matters worse.

The council has set aside R1 million to deal with the Kageso Cemetery Challenge. It intends to hire hydraulic engineer service for a “long-term solution”. In addition, the city plans to convert the Kagiso hostel into family units.

The rank of taxis, shops and educational facilities will be added. A residential project in Nooitgedacht is groundbreaking. The wood is used to build houses there. Japan seems to be using the same model. Therefore, wood is good for building houses, the mayor said, allaying concerns about wood’s durability.

The first citizen of Mughal City said the letter was compiled with input from residents. He called it “The People’s Soca”. Does the executive mayor keep his promises? Only time will tell.

Tabil Mang, the best of Mughal city

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