watch | Moonshot Agreement: "If the DA had called us, we'd have joined" - Malema

watch | Moonshot Agreement: “If the DA had called us, we’d have joined” – Malema

  • EFF is willing to partner with opposition parties to unseat the ANC.
  • Julius Malema says the DA does not want to invite the EFF to join its firing agreement.
  • He says the EFF is open to working with the DA.

The DA rejected EFF’s efforts to join the ceasefire agreement, which would unite opposition parties to remove the ANC from government.

This was according to EFF leader Julius Malema, who was interacting with the media in Sandton on Friday.

Malema said the EFF has been vocal about its desire to join the DA-led ceasefire agreement to oust the ANC.

“If the DA had called us, we would have got on board — but we are not going to the Moon because we have to serve the Earth,” Malema said.

“We decided on something else. We were more than willing to work with the DA. We even voted for them. And I said from the start that the opposition parties coming together to give our people an alternative was my first choice.”

He added: “EFF would like to work with opposition parties to remove the corrupt ANC from power, but also to give the people of South Africa something different. But we can’t impose ourselves on these opposition parties. If they don’t want to work with us, we can work with those who want to work with us.”

In April, DAP leader John Steinhausen announced his ambition to work with opposition parties to prevent the formation of an ANC-MILF coalition after the upcoming 2024 elections.

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He described the ANC-EFF coalition as a “doomsday coalition”. An update to the media on the progress of his debates last week, Steinhausen criticized the ANC affiliated parties that were not part of the agreement. He advised South Africans not to vote for parties that did not join the agreement.

ActionSA, IFP, United Independent Movement, Spectrum National Party and Freedom Front Plus have agreed to attend their national conference at Emperor’s Palace on August 16-17.

During his victory speech at the DA convention in April, Steenhuisen declared the EFF to be “public enemy number one”.

When asked about this comment, Malema said the DA leader was threatened by the consistency of the EFF as a party.

He said that according to research done, DA is declining. He added, “Ask the DA why they don’t want to work with the EFF, but the question is directed at us as if we said we couldn’t work with the DA. No, ask them why they don’t want to work with us.”

“The same EFF that gave them Tshwane and Ekurhuleni and Nelson Mandela Bay. We gave them everything in 2016, and then when we came back five years later, we were ready to participate in government. They said, ‘No, your job is to be a cattle vote, vote for us. What kind of nonsense? ”

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