Ramorboli on Cosafa third place

Ramorboli on Cosafa third place

Ramourbolli, though, chose not to bite Safa’s hand feeding him, setting the silver lining – that this year’s tournament gave some of the forgotten men of PSL clubs, some hitherto unknown, a chance to put their names forward. for first team work.

“The level of football in the South Zone is increasing. It tells us a lot that we also need to maintain Our level of competition is high.

“We have to understand that some of the players here come from a background of maybe not playing football for the whole season.

“The thing I need to commend is personality and attitude, and the lesson from this is nothing beats preparation.

“We did our best with the challenges we had to push the team in the right direction. And third place, honestly, yes we are happy but it’s not a true reflection of how hard we’ve worked.”

The coach said some players in Durban have put up their hands to play regularly at club level, possibly even picking Bafana up front.

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