All hail Alcaraz as the young colt ends Djokovic's long reign at Wimbledon

All hail Alcaraz as the young colt ends Djokovic’s long reign at Wimbledon

The 36-year-old Serbian has been indestructible at Wimbledon Center Court for a decade but on Sunday finally met his match as he ran out of ideas to stop young defender Alcaraz from a title rush.

After the 20-year-old broke a 2-1 lead in the fifth set with a stunning volley, Djokovic’s racket felt the full force of his fury as he slammed it against the wooden post and left it in a dented state. chaos.

That handed Djokovic a second warning of the match, as the Serb had also been warned earlier for taking too long to get off on his serve.

But all the distraction failed to derail an inspired Alcaraz as he became the youngest man in 37 years to win the Gilded Challenge Cup after Djokovic smashed a forehand into the net, leaving the Spaniard to collapse onto his back in his triumphant moment. .

(Reporting by Prietha Sarkar; Editing by Toby Davies.)


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