Mbalula says alliances are outside the ANC's agenda

Mbalula says alliances are outside the ANC’s agenda

He said that there is an overall general improvement due to increased repairs and maintenance and increased support from the private sector and contributions from the renewable energy sector.

Mbalula said the ANC is committed to restoring the integrity of the party and training in this regard is being rolled out across the country.

The NEC has also committed to ensuring improved service delivery by stabilizing suspended councils and addressing budgetary concerns.

“The NEC has contemplated the looting of VBS Bank and has noted that there have been consequences for management in some municipalities and recovery of some of the stolen funds. Some results management reports are still pending from a few counties and significant amounts have yet to be recovered,” Mbalula noted.

He said July would be dedicated to the memory of the late Nelson Mandela, with the BRICS dialogue starting this week on his birthday. He said South Africa had yet to receive confirmation that Russian President Vladimir Putin would attend the BRICS summit after the International Criminal Court ruled against him.

The party praised Ramaphosa for his participation in the peace initiative between Russia and Ukraine.

“We know the suffering of war and the benefits of peace and we have a similar position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Morocco and Western Sahara,” said Mbalula, denouncing the recent decisions of foreign countries to redirect funds allocated in the budget to confront climate change and to Africa. programs for Ukraine as evidence of their lack of commitment to Africa’s development.

On the economy, he said Ramaphosa has done a good job of attracting international investment. This would boost the economy and develop jobs with a 0.4% increase in GDP indicating a steady recovery in an economy hit by the “Covid-19 bloodshed and the loss of two million jobs”.

Mbalula said the continued rise in the cost of living had to be addressed through strategies that included boosting domestic production, lowering costs of running a business, slowing inflation and directing the Reserve Bank to “subjugate the unsustainable trend of price hikes”.

The government will increase the basket of zero-rated foods, a relaxation in the fuel tax is being explored and green energy technologies such as solar power are encouraged.

He said that the construction mafia is a growing danger and threat to legitimate business. Illegal schools were another challenge, as were the country’s porous borders.

This undermines the state, national security and economic stability. The current system is weak, unworkable and abused – especially by crime syndicates. We are looking at the general legislation and policy proposal framework on citizenship.” – Times Live

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