read message | Qasim took care of the oppressed

read message | Qasim took care of the oppressed

The death of an anti-apartheid icon, Imam Ahmad Qasim, left a void that would take decades to fill. While words can never fully express how much someone means to us, language can still provide comfort, solace, hope, and even inspiration after the death of someone who has done so much for so much over such a long time.

The imam was the icon of the era. This messenger of caring and giving is a promise to the vast geographic bloc of South Africa that there is hope even in the most seemingly hopeless of circumstances. His long, devoted life and his enormous contributions to society confirm our belief in humanity that the endless streams of assistance to the destitute and homeless have not dried up. No one can forget this model’s utmost dedication to all the tasks he undertook on a scale that defies description.

His whole life was devoted to helping and aiding the dozens of men, women, and children who sought refuge in him and his organization. He has taken it upon himself to translate this into action and impact the lives of communities throughout our heartland. His work has touched every aspect of human endeavor as he attempts to provide comfort and care to the desperate and oppressed masses in a time of poverty and fear. The imam was a true and brave patriot who offered comfort and succor to anyone who deserved and sought his help. It has been described as the human face of eternal hope that embodied the principles of equality for all.

For most people, he was a role model of charity, mercy, and selflessness. For the oppressed and the destitute, he was the beacon that gave hope to their hopeless existence. Many of us dream of changing the world, but only a few choose to act accordingly.

The Imam gave substance and meaning to the word of equality with his sublime acts of flawless generosity. May God bless him and grant him peace in the great afterlife. Hamba Kahli, our beloved Imam. Your voice continues to echo across the universe.

Farouk Araie, BenonI

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