'Frightened killer' killed in shootout with Cape Town police

‘Frightened killer’ killed in shootout with Cape Town police

A ‘creepy killer’ linked to dozens of killings in the space of a year was killed in a late-night shootout with police in Cape Town’s Lawandel.

The 29-year-old suspect was a wanted fugitive, linked to at least 10 cases that claimed 12 lives in Loendel between February 2022 and March.

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Malcolm Bogey said detectives tracked down the suspect Sunday night and “fired his gun in the direction of the police in an effort to avoid arrest.”

The members returned fire, whereupon the suspect was fatally wounded… The members found and seized a firearm and ammunition in the possession of the deceased.

The age of two of his alleged accomplices 32 and 36, were also captured. Cases associated with the trio include A.J Triple murder, double murder, four murders, two attempted murders – one against a member of the police – robbery of a guest house and possession of items stolen from one of the murdered victims.

The two accused will appear in court soon.


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