GM can't build or deliver new vehicles fast enough

GM can’t build or deliver new vehicles fast enough

A senior General Motors executive told Reuters on Monday that GM is seeing strong demand for many of its American cars, but it can’t get them to dealerships fast enough.

“GM continues to be very disciplined in terms of incentives, which means demand remains very high,” Rory Harvey, the company’s North American president, said at an event in Lansing, Michigan.

“At this very point, we can sell every product we can manufacture.”

But he said the automaker faces external logistical challenges in the wake of Covid-19, particularly in shipping vehicles to dealers, whether by truck or rail.

“We still want to improve our availability on the ground with dealers,” Harvey said. “We have generally good inventory (levels), but we’d like to get some of those units to our dealerships from some of the factories faster than they are today.”

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