reading message | Azania in front move towards Uhuru

reading message | Azania in front move towards Uhuru

The convergence of the previous liberation movements, the Azanian People’s Organization and the Pan-African Congress, in what is known as the Azanian Liberation Front, is a breath of fresh air for our political atmosphere, which has been suffocated by the stench of corruption over the years. .

One hopes that the labor movement will be allowed to join the front to complete a force that will bring hope to many in this land.

The African National Congress has waived its right to be called a liberation movement because they are the main cause of the situation in which the country finds itself.

The Liberation Front must reverse the betrayal and restore hope. Give us a taste of true freedom.

The front comes just in time when the right wing and handpicked groups of non-whites, masquerading as black parties, decide to work together and call themselves the Moonshot Pact.

There are also indications that Nelson Mandela’s party is considering working with Helen Zell’s party, continuing to maintain the status quo. This may indicate that the more things are said to change, the more they remain the same.

The Liberation Front has become the only hope to save the revolution and to make sure that all colonial chains are broken and that the state gets a name and moves away from being subordinate to the West.

What also gives us hope in the Azan Liberation Front, is that they show no intention of barking at the moon and protesting exclusion. Instead, they intend to expose the convention as a fallacy that must be rejected and discarded. The fact that there is no mention of the presence of Azapo or the PAC as part of the front is a great indication of the two movements’ struggle credentials and intent to save the revolution.

We are moving towards Uhuru and one can’t wait for Lita Mbulo’s song to end… Not yet UhuruWhere we will welcome Uhuru.

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