We are all multifaceted says the lecturer, Nondumiso Phenyane Food Fund

We are all multifaceted says the lecturer, Nondumiso Phenyane Food Fund

“I’m multi-faceted and there’s something beautiful about that. I think everyone has all these different dimensions but we live in a society that encourages us to show one version of ourselves, but I love how social media changes that. I’d like young people to know that they can be diverse and multifaceted.” faceted and intricate as they want,” she explains.

Her Instagram account focuses on vegetarian or vegan foods. This was a no-brainer for Fenian, resilient. Simply put, this means that she mainly eats plant foods but will occasionally eat animal products. She made the move to change her diet in 2015 after she was on a raw vegan diet for 21 days and was impressed with the results. She lost weight, got rid of her acne-prone skin and experienced many other benefits. She says she realized how powerful plants are to heal the body and she couldn’t go back to her previous diet.

She eats for her body, says Finian, who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, and although her vegan diet has helped her, there are some plants that are actually bothering her condition. She gets stomach cramps when she eats legumes, so she’ll instead eat animal products like cheese to counter that.

“People have so many reasons to be flexible. Me so that I can take care of my body and respond to what my body needs at a certain point.”

For technicians, food is medicine. She believes that you can always find a food that will help or treat a health problem you are experiencing. Despite not having a formal culinary qualification, she also develops recipes but will now only do so for the brand she works with.

“Developing a recipe is a lot of work, and I wouldn’t develop a recipe unless it was paid for.”

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