Libourne Rikutsu | Keeping Zuma out of prison will not mean he is above the law

Libourne Rikutsu | Keeping Zuma out of prison will not mean he is above the law

My hat off to Jacob Zuma for being tough. It’s a tough nut to crack. He was right when he said he doesn’tWe bear stress and there is no Zulu word for stress. If it were me I would have been dead long ago from stress.

But Zuma, in his advanced age, remains strong without flinching despite the myriad challenges and problems.

Although the old man is not my cup of tea, neither do IDon’t agree to put him back in jail. In my opinion, house arrest would be appropriate.

Julius Malema proposes to President Cyril Ramaphosa that he be pardoned. It’s a good suggestion but Zuma must first admit that he was wrong to show the Zondu Commission and the Constitutional Court the middle finger. But given his arrogance and stubbornness, I doubt Zuma will admit he is wrong.

He thinks he is absolutely right because he is being judged by judges who have been tried It was taken over by the imperialists and capitalists. Perhaps Malema will persuade him to admit he is wrong but he is unlikely to succeed because Zuma does not listen to anyone; He only listens to himself or the Guptas. I have no doubt that many people including his lawyers have tried to advise him without success.

In my view, Zuma is no different from Herod the Great who was a very intelligent, proud, arrogant and inflexible leader. Herod sometimes showed himself to be a very passionate man, brutal and ruthless, ready to use any means to serve his goal.

If South Africa were a normal democracy, Zuma would be sent back to prison like an 82-year-old former minister in Algeria who was jailed for corruption two years ago.

Zuma lost his youth and education by joining the African National Congress to fight the evil apartheid government. He spent 10 years on Robben Island and about 17 years in exile. However, the struggle for freedom is nott means he is entitled to be above the law. His supporters insinuate that while he was fighting for freedom, he had the right to scorn the Zondo Commission and the Constitutional Court and plunder public money with the Guptas.

Zuma and his supporters cannot hold the country to ransom. City Press reported on 16 July that there were allegations that an organization of truck drivers sympathetic to Zuma, along with Operation Dudula, was responsible for arson of trucks in KZN, Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Ring leaders could care less about the cost to the economy and SA in general.

they don’tThey don’t care about the rand falling They will receive it. It is unfortunate that our law enforcement agencies have no clue how to investigate and apprehend the vandals as they are more interested in the ANC’s internal conflicts.

Our law enforcement agencies are only effective and efficient when dealing with simple cases but cannot investigate complex cases. If they had the knowledge, they would have arrested the ringleaders of the July 2021 anarchy in KZN and Gauteng.

I also suspect that our security agency and the ANC’s hyenas and vultures in radical economic transformation could be behind the truck burnings. We’ll have to wait and see if Police Secretary Becky Seeley and his blue-uniformed squad will be able to arrest both walkers and their handlers.

Peace is a reciter from the Sowetan language

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