The African Parliament criticized the appointment of an alleged smuggler to the highest position

The African Parliament criticized the appointment of an alleged smuggler to the highest position

The African Union has been condemned for allowing the Pan-African Parliament to appoint Zimbabwe’s “prophet” Hubert Engel, recently exposed as a gold smuggler and money launderer, as ambassador for interfaith dialogue and humanitarian affairs.

Zimbabwe’s independent radio station Radio Nehanda reported that he had been informally informed of the date.

“Ambassador Angel’s vast knowledge, influential network, and commitment to fostering unity among diverse religious communities has made him emerge as an ideal candidate for this vital role.” Nehanda quoted an anonymous source as saying.

news organization The island recently revealed Angel As a key player in a major racket in which a group of money launderers and gold smugglers bribed key members of several South African banks, enabling the fraudsters to secretly send large sums of illegally obtained money abroad.

The island’s investigative unit featured criminals asking for help smuggling gold abroad and secretly filmed several conspirators agreeing to help.

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Angel, A.; self-proclaimed prophet, He was recently appointed by Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa as Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-Large to Europe and the Americas. Al Jazeera’s secret footage included Angel agreeing to smuggle $1.2 billion in dirty money into Zimbabwe using his diplomatic status.

Daily Maverick Pan African Parliament spokesperson Geoffrey Onganga was asked to comment on the allegations. He neither confirmed nor denied Angel’s appointment to the position, but only said, “There is no official statement from the Pan-African Parliament to that effect.”

Veteran Zimbabwean politician and lawyer David Coltart, former senator and education minister, said: “This is clearly a very serious development. Allegations have been made against the Prophet Injil that have not been refuted, and the Zimbabwean police have not adequately investigated them.”

“They have already had a devastating impact on the Zimbabwean financial system as some of our commercial banks struggle to get correspondent banking internationally because Zimbabwe is now linked to large scale money laundering and the allegations against Angel have linked him to high level officials in the government and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

He added, “The African Union simply ignoring this is a serious indictment against them. It is also an indictment against them in relation to the particular role envisaged. Prophet Malak considers himself a Christian leader and yet what he is accused of is anathema to the Christian faith and all that Jesus Christ taught and defended.”

Indictment against the African Union

“And so it is difficult to understand how this man could be chosen for this particular role. There are thousands of Christian leaders all over Africa, people of great integrity who would be best suited for this job. So this is an indictment against the African Union.”

Coltart continued, “It’s very important to understand how he got this position. I suspect we will find that it was due to intense pressure by Zanu-PF to get him into that position, deliberately. Not only to influence that body but also to give them cover against the very serious allegations that have been leveled against Angel but also against high-ranking Zanu-PF officials. I’m sure the thinking is that if the AU endorses this man, it will whitewash the very serious allegations against the very senior leaders of Zanu-PF.”

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The Speaker of the Pan-African Parliament is Fortune Charumbira, President of the Council of Leaders of Zimbabwe and former Deputy Minister in the ZANU-PF government.

A prominent investigative journalist from Zimbabwe Hopewell Chinono He announced on Twitter that he would broadcast Al Jazeera Gold mafia Documentary series “So that Africans can see the disgrace that the African Union and the African Parliament have brought to this continent by appointing a recognized gold smuggler and money launderer as an ambassador of the African Union.

With this shameful appointment, Africa has lost any legitimacy for good governance or any pretense of fighting corruption.

Today broadcast Mafia gold episode 1which includes the new African Parliament’s ambassador, Hubert Angel Mudzanir, who is involved in fraud, money laundering, extortion and gold smuggling,” Chenono said.

This is why life is so hard for Africans outside of Africa – we are all seen as frauds due to the actions of these few corrupt politicians. We must stand for something, we must have core values ​​and not allow this criminality to be rewarded in our name.” DM


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