The court ordered the owners of the Enyobeni tavern to demolish the upper floor where the youths were killed

The court ordered the owners of the Enyobeni tavern to demolish the upper floor where the youths were killed

Inside the Inupini Tavern, where 21 teenagers died.

Inside the Inupini Tavern, where 21 teenagers died.

  • A demolition order has been issued for the owners of the Inupeni tavern.
  • We are looking for Vuyokazi Beard was introduced almost after they left the court.
  • Ndevu said it will not demolish its structure.

The owners of the Iniobeni tavern, Syakhangela and Fuyukaze Ndevo, have been ordered to demolish the top floor of the two-storey building, in which 21 people were killed last year.

The Buffalo City Metro has been awarded the demolition order, which was handed over to the owners by the Mayor of High Court in East London on Wednesday.

They have served at East London Magistrates’ Court after their ongoing trial for breach of the Liquor Act.

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Metro said this was one of the legal actions it took in connection with illegal construction and operations on the property in Scenery Park.

The court order came after Metro concluded a year-long investigation into the tragic accident in which 21 youths died on June 26 during a chaotic closing ceremony at the school.

The Metro confirmed on Wednesday that its investigation had revealed that there were no approved building plans for the pub’s expansions.

“Therefore, the building has been illegally constructed, in contravention of Section 4(1) of the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act No. 103 of 1977,” said Metro spokesperson Samkilu Ngwenya.

He found that the plot of land on which the tavern was built was not intended for business development.

“Accordingly, the municipality’s legal department takes action, among which is to notify the violator with a notice to comply with metro construction standards and regulations, and to correct the trespass that occurred on the property,” Ngwenya said.

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He asserted that Nedevos had to demolish the upper floor.

“This is a due process of law that expects violators to comply, stop working and demolish the building. Failing that, the municipality will seek further court permissions to operate as permitted by its by-laws,” Ngwenya said.

After requesting suspension, Ndevo criticized the sheriff for his court service and added that he would not demolish his structure.

“All of this is politically motivated. These people know where I live, they have my address and phone number. Why did they serve me in court?”

Asked when he was planning to demolish parts of the building, Ndefu said, “I will not do it. I do not recognize this order, which was given to me in a humiliating way.”

The trial of Ndevo and his wife continues on Thursday


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