“We have a bunch of thieves ruling us.” - Matthews Fossa

“We have a bunch of thieves ruling us.” – Matthews Fossa

  • Veteran of the African National Congress Party Matthews Fossa says the leaders “steal like hell from the taxpayers,” and the SA is led by “a bunch of thieves.”
  • He partly blames President Cyril Ramaphosa for being indecisive.
  • Speaking at the same event in Johannesburg, the CEO of BUSA Covadia cup The president criticized the lack of action on the Zondo report.
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The ANC government came under fire from both retired veteran Matthews Fusa and Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) CEO Cass Covadia at the Nedbank Top Empowerment conference in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Fossa said that the current leaders do not have the same vision that former President Nelson Mandela had and are stealing from the taxpayers.

Not only are African leaders robbing people, Fusa said, they are handing over the continent’s wealth and assets like mines to foreign companies. He said that colonialism has been replaced by “state theft” as politicians prepare deals that will benefit them when selling these assets to other Chinese and foreign companies.

“We steal like hell from the taxpayers,” Fossa said, referring to most African countries. “Our country is suffocated by corruption. South Africa is suffocated by corruption. There are always billions of unaccountable rands at the municipal level. We are not responsible. We have a group of thieves ruling us,” he added.

Fusa said the crumbling road infrastructure, electricity problems, run-down schools, road sewage and potholes show that the leaders do not have a plan for the country.

He said sarcastically:

If you are driving directly [in South Africa]It’s because you’re drunk… You have to navigate the potholes.

Fossa said that of all South African presidents, Nelson Mandela was his hero, but he also believed there was no corruption under former President Thabo Mbeki. But after Mbeki, the “issues” began, and the horse was completely sucked into corruption – although not at all levels of government.

The boss is indecisive

Fossa blamed President Cyril Ramaphosa for being “indecisive,” stating that a year after he received the Zondo Commission’s report on state capture, no real action followed.

“Our president is very hesitant. There is a consensus [on that] in the country. You cannot rule by committees, and committees … (He) must make decisions. And with him begins the destruction of mold. “You don’t have questionable things around you,” Fossa said.

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) CEO Cas Coovadia said the Ramaphosa administration has gone some way to trying to rebuild the country’s institutions. But this lack of action against the perpetrators of state appropriation overshadowed all of that.

“If the action is taken the day after the president receives the Zondo report, there may be progress. If you receive the report and do almost nothing, all you do is allow those wrongdoers time to consolidate and follow up,” Covadia said.

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“The bottom line is that we have a weak government that is ideologically inclined and does not understand the current situation we are in and the global context in which we operate,” Covadia said.

The business community is fed up now; Some “strike” to work with the government to solve the many crises in South Africa. Covadia said they are frustrated by the lack of progress and the different interests heading in different directions. Many wonder if the government’s alliance with the trade unions is still relevant and what is their contribution to the success of the SA. He thinks more South Africans should be asking this question.

More and more business leaders have Abandon the fulfillment of the social pact That government was promoting as a solution to the country’s problems.

At the same time, Covadia said SA needs to address unethical practices in the business sector as well. Right now, he believes society has lost its moral compass across the country. But the government must understand and play the role it is supposed to play.

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