I have a picture for you! July 16th

I have a picture for you! July 16th

Want to send us your photos? You need to be first subscriber. When you’re subscribed and ready, there will be a link to submit your own photos in the Photo of the Day section.

Guidelines: We try to be as comprehensive as possible when posting your awesome photos. However, if you can, please try to orient your camera horizontally (“landscape” format) and please, pleasetry to send us high resolution picture as possible.

Note: We have limited the number of weekly posts to a maximum of 20. If your photo hasn’t been posted, please keep submitting it!

First Thing’s John Stupart is very much a dog person, however We encourage everyone the pictures.

Are you an amateur or professional photographer? Although we don’t have money for your photos, if you have a portfolio link or options for prints, let us know when you submit your photo and we’ll do our best to include it.

NB: By submitting an image, you acknowledge that you have given us permission to publish it on this site and in this format. You still own all rights to your work. If you wish to reuse, print or otherwise use our subscribers’ photos, call us And we’ll connect you with the original photographers.


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