Joburg Explosion: Thousands in the dark warned vehicles and pedestrians to stay away from the site

Joburg Explosion: Thousands in the dark warned vehicles and pedestrians to stay away from the site

  • About 2,800 homes remain without power as officials work to declare the site safe before power is restored.
  • Motorists driving in the inner city of Joburg should be warned not to park their cars on barricaded sections of Lilian Ngoyi Street, the city warned Monday.
  • City Manager Floyd Brink said motorists who do not comply with law enforcement instructions will be arrested.

Some 2,800 households in Johannesburg’s central business district remain in the dark as officials work to restore services following an explosion that rocked Lilian Ngoyi Street (formerly Wild Street) last week.

City Manager Floyd Brink said water and power have not yet been restored because some parts of the CBD have not yet been declared safe.

“We ask the residents to be patient with us. We will continue to provide them with water and mobile chemical toilets.”

“We will start working as soon as the Disaster Management, Department of Labor and EMS give us the go-ahead. About 2,800 families will be affected,” said Isaac Mangena, a City Power spokesperson.

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Mayor Cabello Guamanda, Brink and other officials conducted an on-site inspection Monday afternoon.

Parts of Lilian Ngoyi Street were destroyed when a gas explosion rocked the crowded city center during rush hour on Wednesday afternoon.

blast One person was killed 48 others were wounded. Guamanda said they could not speculate on which entity would take responsibility.

The mayor said it remains unclear how pipelines from Egoli Gas, City Power and Joburg Water could have contributed to the explosion.

He said the executive officer was on site to ensure resources were available and to assess whether what was being communicated, in terms of investigations and repairs, was being implemented on the ground.

Guamanda said the executive’s role was to oversee without “overreaching” and that he could not preempt the outcome of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Brink warned that the city would arrest and impound vehicles that drove through the fortified site along Lilian Ngoyi Street.

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Johannesburg Mayor Kabilo Guamanda, together with members of his Joint Operations Committee, visited Lilian Ngoyi Street on Monday for a supervisory visit.

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“From tomorrow [Tuesday]There will be no tolerance for those who disobey our officers. “Motorists who pass through our checkpoints will have their cars impounded,” Brink said.

He also warned pedestrians not to enter the site. Some were seen walking around, standing on top of the cracked tar road, and taking pictures.

Brink’s warning for the safety of the community was echoed by Dr. Magsini Chuaco.

Chuaco said:

Anyone walking or driving in the fortified area will be arrested and charged. This is now a construction site. Our JMPD pushes the spectators off the site. We have no problem with those walking in designated areas.

Chuaco claimed that the city had the expertise to repair and renovate the street.

“It’s in the hands of the investigators. We don’t want to rush people. There will be simulations.” [will] take place. “Then the construction will begin,” Chuaco said.

The city called calm and patience.

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