Four dead in a shootout of a fare rank at Port Shepstone

Four dead in a shootout of a fare rank at Port Shepstone

Four people have been killed and several others seriously injured following allegations of taxi violence at Shepstone Port on KwaZulu-Natal’s south coast.

The incident occurred in a taxi rank between Ryder Street and Nelson Mandela Drive, where a group of armed men allegedly opened fire on an occupied car.

Colin David, a spokesman for the national Mi7 group, which responded to the scene with other security and police services, said it was believed three gunmen armed with handguns opened fire on one taxi that was waiting to load more people.

David said that three passengers inside the taxi, and another nearby, were shot dead.

“Several other people, in and near the vehicle, sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical. Mi7 paramedics, together with their counterparts from other service providers, worked quickly to stabilize the injured patients.” Then, they were taken to the hospital.

It is believed that the incident may be related to the taxi violence in the area. The police are investigating.

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