Addressing gender inequality by being menstrual positive

Addressing gender inequality by being menstrual positive

Minister of menstruation“She knows how to feel shy about her role. From the age of ten, it was a secret that was never discussed in her school, and that all the girls went to great lengths to hide.

“I really felt like I was going to die. It was like my childhood was over and I had to grow up fast and hide this thing from everyone for 11 years. No one was talking about it.”

When she left school, Candice Chirua realized she wanted to do something to help others and address issues of gender inequality. She had a background in the dramatic arts, debate and public speaking, and a passion for challenging the onerous conventions she lived with on a daily basis.

“We have to call a vagina a period. We have to call a vagina a vagina. If you’re upset about that, you’re upset about biology!”

Candice was founded in 2018 QrateA nonprofit organization that offers workshops in schools and workplaces across the country. Their goal is to create a safe, menstrual-positive community that does not view menstruation as shameful but publicly embraces it as a normal part of life. Their workshops are designed to facilitate workplaces, schools, and homes in developing more acceptable practices that provide support, information, and resources in an empowering and affirming way.

Through a process they call “Eduliftment,” Candice aims to boost young people’s critical thinking skills to help them get through the more difficult parts of growing up. At Qrate, they do this through service, education, and advocacy.

In addition to running the NPO, Candice hosts podcasts “what’s the relationship” And “Patriarchal Podcast”. She also co-authored two books, the last of which is titled Flow – Menstrual Book.

In 2020, Candice became the Minister for Menstruation and from her position as a social media thought leader created a platform to speak out about periods, advocate for legislative change, and inspire everyone to be period positive.

Considering that at least 50% of the population is menstruating, this can’t be a bad thing. DM

The Actionists was launched in early 2023 by photographer Thom Pierce. It is made up of on-the-ground problem solvers, community activists, climate activists and human rights advocates who not only speak out but take direct action. They are the people you can go to when you don’t know where to turn; Who will not stop working for the change they want to see in the world. The Actionists is also a growing community of people who care about the future of South Africa.

Through a series of comics, Pierce profiles a wide range of people across the country who provide vital services, intuitive solutions, and relentless activism.

Through the site, discussion forum, and social media, the goal is to provide concrete ways for people to get involved. The intent is to inspire and inform, to challenge the idea of ​​doing nothing, to create a network of Actionists and bring people who need help together with people who can offer a solution. Nominate Actionists in your constituency at or email [email protected]

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