NSFAS has awarded the General Protection Achievement Tender to various providers of direct student payroll services

NSFAS has awarded the General Protection Achievement Tender to various providers of direct student payroll services

“It is unjustifiable that students have to cut their allowances to access and be able to live in a country where the cost of living is already so high,” Seizo said.

“It is unacceptable for NSFAS to charge students that they must serve. It is unacceptable, and so we will wait for the outcome of the investigation and the Public Defender must ensure that education funds are protected.”

Speaking to TimesLIVE, the Public Protection Bureau said it was investigating.

The Public Prosecutor confirms receipt of the complaint. The case was registered on July 14 and referred to an investigator.

The office did not disclose the measures to be taken, saying: The investigation is underway. Accordingly, the Public Protection Act prohibits any person from disclosing the contents of any document or record of any evidence presented to the Public Defender or Deputy Public Defender during an investigation.”

TENET South Africa has distanced itself from the matter, saying it will file a lawsuit against Tenet Technology over the use of its name.

“We have learned that NSFAS has contracted with a company called Tenet Technology to offer the NSFAS bank card. Despite the obvious similarities in name and logo, we have no connection with Tenet Technology or the provision of payment cards to NSFAS.”

“Given our longstanding association with the higher education sector and NSFAS, the choice of name is unfortunate. It really confuses students, universities, etc. While TENET provides communication solutions for NSFAS through Sanren NetworkWe have not responded to the Tender for Direct Payments of Allowances to NSFAS Students. We are also not associated with any of the successful bidders in this bid.”

TimesLIVE reported NSFAS spokesperson Slumizi Skusana said the main objective of NSFAS taking over direct payment is to ensure accountability for student allowances and to create a better coordinated system for transferring money to students.

Skosana said NSFAS expected the new system to be student-friendly and to provide allowances in a reliable and predictable manner.

There were many universities [engaged] Service providers in disbursing student allowances. NSFAS will not bear any direct accountability for the work of the service providers nor the universities involved,” he said.


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