From bittersweet to unforgettable: what to expect as 7de Laan reaches its final episode

From bittersweet to unforgettable: what to expect as 7de Laan reaches its final episode

Jana Strydom (Helena Moolman) and Annelisa Weiland (Hilda de Kock) are set in November 2011.

Jana Strydom (Helena Moolman) and Annelisa Weiland (Hilda de Kock) are set in November 2011.

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  • ‘Old’, familiar and beloved characters may return to Hillside as 7de Laan prepares for its final episode.
  • Last week, SABC announced that the long-running weekday soap was being phased out, and that season 24 will be its last.
  • According to sources, filming the episode and final scene on Oct. 21 “will likely be a bittersweet moment full of celebration and reflection.”

There’s a very strong possibility that ‘old’ characters, familiar and beloved, will return to Hillside over the next few months 7 st Stack up to the swansong ring.

Viewers will have to wait and see if Oom Francois (Chris van Niekerk), Xander (Theodore Jantjies), Hilda (Annelisa Weiland), Ryno (Chris Vorster), Christelle (Anna-Mart van der Merwe), or a whole host of former actors return to reprise their famous roles.

Will Charmaine (Vineet Abraham) return to Ubikovi, or will Paula (Diane Lawrenson) suddenly return to Hillside with a certain “je ne sais quoi”?

After dealing with Shocking cancellation news That the crew and cast took over last Monday from SABC at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg, the staff and writers room at Danie Odendaal Productions immediately moved to an “all hands on deck” approach to making the final remaining months in production as memorable as possible for viewers.

creative 7 st Filming for the 24th season will continue through October 21, leaving three months for the producers to plan behind the scenes to try to bring back popular characters, scrap some storylines, and create some new and pivotal stories. 7 st and all of the Oppiekoffie characters towards a new final episode.

7 st It will come out the day after Christmas on SABC 2, with the producers aiming to “not let dry eyes be left in any home” when the episode airs.

Although it is the most watched Afrikaans TV program on South African television and the second most watched program on SABC 2 with 1.19 million viewers, SABC has decided to cancel 7 st As it has become very expensive for the broadcaster to stay on the air.

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“The news of the cancellation initially hit us like a huge blow,” an insider told News24. “There were tears, and we’re all heartbroken. It definitely brought an air of uncertainty into our lives. Everyone’s still working through it. Some days will be better than others. And now that we’re approaching filming the final episode in October, more emotion can be expected.”

According to sources, filming the final episode and final scene on October 21 “will likely be a bittersweet moment, full of celebration and reflection. Hopefully, by then everyone will be able to say goodbye to a product they have worked so passionately on.”

matiba house, 7 st “There are certainly elements of surprise and the possibility of bringing back old characters, especially if the actors who portrayed those characters are available and willing,” the screenwriter and head of storylines and content told News24.

he added:

“The creative process is underway, and then the consultations will begin as soon as they are approved. Saying goodbye is emotional, and doing this forever is even more so.”

Kailyn Bisset, 7 st The show is “grateful for the years our fans and viewers have given us the ability to live and express our creativity and talents,” the show’s publicist told News24.

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