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What is the company culture and what is your role in it?

How does this affect the company? Bad company culture can affect company profit levels, which means lower profit levels, lower employee morale, higher employee turnover, andEducated and productive employees. How can you change a bad company culture? Senior leadership commitment. Engaging and involving employees in creating common solutions to improve or change the culture, as … Read more

We are all multifaceted says the lecturer, Nondumiso Phenyane Food Fund

“I’m multi-faceted and there’s something beautiful about that. I think everyone has all these different dimensions but we live in a society that encourages us to show one version of ourselves, but I love how social media changes that. I’d like young people to know that they can be diverse and multifaceted.” faceted and intricate … Read more

Arto is scheduled to go live by the middle of the year in 2024

The Constitutional Court’s ruling on the shortage system for motorists paved the way for it to take off. However, the Road Traffic Violation Agency (RTIA) said this would only happen within a year. Company spokesperson Mond McCalibi said the court challenge was the biggest legal hurdle they faced in connection with the company Administrative Separation … Read more