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Putin to adjust close to the BRICS summit, does not want to jeopardize relations with the SA

He said, “This is the strength of BRICS cooperation as we can have this kind of maturity and solidarity in this relationship and make sure that we have a very successful summit in South Africa with almost his participation, and that all the issues that we put on the agenda are discussed collectively and we … Read more

Amnesty International was “not surprised” by Putin’s announcement

South African Amnesty International has thrown its weight on the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the 15th BRICS summit next month. “The government’s clarification that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend the BRICS summit is perhaps unsurprising given South Africa’s firm commitment to his arrest and surrender to the ICC. … Read more

ANC relief from Putin headache ‘finally over’

Now that South Africa has managed to salvage its strong ties with Russia by reaching a mutual agreement with that president Russian President Vladimir Putin Should not attend the upcoming BRICS summit, the organizers can focus on more pressing issues. This is what ANC spokesperson Mahlengi Bhingo Mutseri told reporters on Wednesday. “We acknowledge and … Read more

Ramaphosa says the African Peace Initiative was necessary

President Cyril Ramaphosa has defended African leaders’ latest peace initiative to end the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, saying it was necessary because the continent was feeling the devastating consequences of the war. “We have done this because this continent of ours knows the devastating consequences of war that are not limited to hunger, and … Read more

Machatel slams ‘cynics’, Russian-Ukrainian African peace initiative

However, we are confident that the African Peace Initiative will eventually succeed. We are well aware that the solution will not be found overnight. The ANC also believes that true and inclusive multilateralism – the kind that all BRICS members are aligned with in principle – involves reforming the institutions of global governance, especially the … Read more

What to expect at the BRICS summit of political parties in addition to dialogue

When the BRICS Political Parties Dialogue Summit convenes next week, delegates will discuss issues related to establishing a BRICS-Africa partnership, sustainable development, promoting peace and security, identifying paths towards a sustainable and equitable economy and trade, and sharing experiences on the renewal of political parties and governance. As well as expanding BRICS membership. This is … Read more