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A village of 1,000 families has been forced to survive on a single, dry tap

The only tap ran dry seven years ago in the village of Ngchisindi Kumkolo in Ngkamakhwe, about 35 kilometers from Butterworth in the Eastern Cape. According to residents, the last time they piped water was in 2016, when a construction company building a school in the area installed a standpipe connected to a windmill. “I’m … Read more

Public Defender achieves unspent billions earmarked for flood relief in 2022

Acting Public Defender Julika Jkalka is investigating allegations that the KwaZulu-Natal government and national governments have failed to provide adequate assistance to victims of dire April floods 2022. Floods wreak havoc across much of the county, claiming more than 400 lives. Many people are still missing, presumed dead. Thousands of families lost their homes and … Read more