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Dragging an IPHC Succession Court battle reunites with the Modise brothers

The battle for the highest seat in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) took a dramatic turn in Pretoria High Court on Monday when the Modisi brothers reunited, pulling a court fight to settle the dispute. succession dispute. The street in front of the courthouse was cordoned off on Monday morning as hundreds of church … Read more

Joburg city officials are dispelling fears of deadly gas pockets in CBD vaults

The City of Johannesburg said on Friday that a gas explosion in the Johannesburg central business district could pose a fatal threat to soil cavities such as the basements of buildings but so far, nine buildings have tested negative. The busy Lilian Ngoyi (formerly Berri) Street collapsed Wednesday afternoon when an underground gas pipe exploded. … Read more

Zama Zamas is unlikely to be behind the Wild Street Explosion: MRM

There could be a lot of factors involved. There are procedures in place and processes being communicated to other stakeholders so that all infrastructure is aligned and the same safety regulations are followed.” While the cause of the blast is unknown, Sibula Samanianga said the city’s infrastructure is old and deteriorating. Johannesburg is an old … Read more

‘He sexually assaulted her while I was waiting outside with our baby’ – Husband testifies in Bishop Zondo’s rape trial

“I took my child and we went out from the entrance of the church. My daughter and I waited for some time and after a long time of waiting and standing there, that’s when I received a phone call from the accused asking me where my wife is.” He said his wife suddenly appeared, red … Read more

The lawyers were reprimanded for using unreliable sources during court proceedings

Such information includes case law reports, law and journal articles, legislation, deeds, forms, precedents, commentaries, Gazette notifications, and Parliamentary Watch Group committee reports. I mentioned it lawyers Librarians provide support to legal practitioners by conducting in-depth research on a specific topic upon request. LPC said “The LPC Law Library is open to all legal practitioners … Read more

The court set aside the SAHRC’s decision that cleared Malema of hate speech

“The South African Human Rights Commission is clearly not empowered or empowered to decide whether a violation of human rights has actually occurred. It follows that it is not in the power or authority of the South African Human Rights Commission to declare that an alleged violation is in fact a violation, furthermore However, it … Read more

Avbob explains that at McKaiser’s funeral, he will “treat” dropping the casket

While it may be construed that the reason behind this is purely marketing, that is not the intent. For practical reasons, it is common practice to mark tents and vehicles used during a funeral. Banners or flags are often erected at the cemetery for this purpose.” In terms of branded water and tissues at the … Read more

Why ConCourt rejected the Supreme Court’s ruling on Artaud’s Law

The Constitutional Court emphasized Parliament’s role in usurping the functions of local government when it refused to affirm the Supreme Court’s ruling that the Artaud Act was invalid. The case was brought by the organization Undo Tax Overruns (Outa) which asked the Supreme Court to uphold the Pretoria High Court’s ruling that the act was … Read more