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Maverick’s daily accreditation to the Russia-Africa summit has been revoked

Russian authorities canceled Monday Daily Maverick Foreign policy expert Peter Fabricius is accredited to cover the Russia-Africa Summit in St. Petersburg this week. This came after Fabricius had previously obtained accreditation to travel to Russia for the second Russia-Africa Summit on July 27-28. He was notified in writing that he received accreditation for the event … Read more

Independent Commission completes investigation into Simon’s town stay in Lady R

The Presidency confirmed on Tuesday that the committee charged with investigating the alleged loading of weapons for Russia aboard a Russian cargo ship, the Lady R, had met a July 18 deadline to finish its investigation. The commission now has two weeks to work on its confidential report before it is presented to President Cyril … Read more

Energy utility Eskom and Jan Oberholzer for ‘Separation by mutual agreement’

The electric company said Monday that Eskom’s former chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer, who retired as chief operating officer in April and has since overseen major projects, will leave the quasi-government at the end of this month. Eskom announced that the utility and its former chief operating officer “will be parting ways by mutual agreement.” … Read more

Zuma in Russia “for health reasons”: the basis

His foundation said on Friday that former President Jacob Zuma is currently in Russia for “health reasons”, and will not return to South Africa until after his doctors finish treatment. This comes as the Constitutional Court rejected Thursday National Commissioner of Corrective Services’ He asked for leave to appeal against the Supreme Court of Appeal … Read more

Eskom says shedding a Phase 8 load is a ‘potential’ should another cold snap coincide with unit failure

Eskom said South Africans saw the re-emergence of stage six power cuts this week after a deadly cold front led to icy conditions across the country, resulting in “power demand exceeding what was expected” on Monday. “Cold weather is already driving up demand for electricity but cold weather was forecast and planning to meet demand … Read more