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Wildfires raging in Canada disproportionately affect Indigenous communities

Of Canada’s total population of about 40 million people, only 5% of that number identify as Aboriginal. That’s nearly two million people, according to 2021 Census of Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Wildfires are displacing Indigenous communities across Canada, burning homes and forests and threatening cultural activities such as fishing, hunting and gathering of native plants. … Read more

Red Alerts have been issued, forcing thousands to flee

European meteorologists expect temperatures to surpass the record 48.8C in Sicily in 2021 as wildfires force thousands to flee in Greece and tourists faint in a sweltering heatwave. Britain’s Foreign Office has warned its citizens – who frequently travel to Europe for holidays, particularly Greece and Spain – to watch weather warnings and take precautions … Read more

Another team of South Australian firefighters heads to Canada as wildfires rage out of control

On Saturday, July 14, the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center recorded 903 active fires, of which 581 were out of control, 102 were in custody, and 217 were under control. With the fires in Canada showing no sign of slowing and more international firefighters called to help them, South Africa has a team in Alberta … Read more

Smoke from wildfires in Canada spreads around the world

People with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart disease are most affected by smoking. The elderly and children with asthma and serious health conditions are also at risk. Canada is currently experiencing its worst fire season yet, with the season still weeks away. By the end of June, satellite images showed that Canada’s smoke … Read more

South Australian firefighters return as the third team prepares to travel to Canada

The Mzanzi One, the first team of South African firefighters to arrive in Canada in early June, flew in from Edmonton on Saturday evening and were scheduled to return to Mpumalanga on Sunday evening. Talking to Daily Maverick Before boarding the plane for home, Trevor Abrahams, managing director of Working on Fire, confirmed that the … Read more